Update on Feature Submissions

After opening up our submissions to include feature films last month, we had some filmmakers reach out to us asking if we could extend our submissions window for features as some of them were not finished with their films.

Our team has now agreed after much discussion to keep our feature film submissions window open until October. This will ensure filmmakers have ample time to finish their projects before sending us a cut they are proud of. We’re a small team, but we promise to continue giving every submission our utmost attention as we make sure every single curation member watches every submission in full.

Again, all of the same rules as the short films and music videos submissions apply to feature films, with the exception of the running time, which must be between 45 to 120 minutes in length. And as always, short films and music videos submissions will remain open year round.

Thank you to the community for supporting us and your fellow filmmakers, and for sharing your work with us! We love watching your work and giving storytellers from around the world an additional platform to spotlight original stories.

All entries are submitted through FilmFreeway, the most trusted way to enter festivals and contests. To submit your project to us, check out our rules here or on FilmFreeway.

We can’t wait to check out your work!