Cultural Consulting

We created CineAsian Films because we wanted to help highlight stories about the Asian and Pacific Islander communities and the talented people behind them. We know how hard it is for our stories to be made and seen, and we also know that every story, big or small, has cultural impact. That’s why we need to tell genuine, authentic, accurate stories of our community at large to help combat stereotypical and harmful representations in media, especially with an increase in violence toward our community.

We want to help all storytellers make sure that your work is an honest and culturally empowering representation of the API community from around the world. CAF can help with cultural consulting on a variety of projects from big feature films to small social media campaigns and everything in between by offering a variety of services.

For the most effective partnership, we advise bringing us on to the creative process as early as possible.

What We Can Help With

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Development
    • Cultural research & deep dives
    • Script consulting and sensitivity readings (episodic, features, commercials, etc.)
    • Art/design reviews
    • Cast & crew recommendations/referrals
  • Production
    • Storyboard reviews
    • Referrals to additional creatives/talents
    • Dialogue translations reviews
    • Recommendations for language/dialect coaches
  • Post-Production
    • Early/rough cut reviews
    • Subtitle translations reviews
    • Referrals to additional creatives/talents
    • Cultural sensitivity review of any merch/consumer products

Please note that CAF does NOT provide any individual career consultation at this time. Thank you.

Get In Touch

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