Edge of the Dark

APRIL 14, 2022
USA | 5 minutes | 2021

Music video directed by Samy Mosher
Starring Brooks Ginnan

Edge of the Dark

Samy Mosher directs the music video for singer-songwriter Emmit Fenn’s song, “Edge of Dark,” that explores the world of actor Brooks Ginnan, who has the genetic disorder Ectodermal Dysplasia.

An abandoned convent provides the setting for the video for Edge Of The Dark, opening with Ginnan sitting on a bed, staring into a handheld mirror, explaining their experience with this disorder and the resulting body issues that have stemmed from the condition. 

Stalking the halls and laying still among plants and empty spaces, we see Ginnan embrace the light and the magical quality of their own beauty, and transcend the limits of society – and indeed, the physical world.

Ending with hopeful statements of love and self-belief, the video leaves a lasting impression. An excellent complimentary visual to Fenn’s emotional track.

– from Promo News

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Director: Samy Mosher
Producer: Jeffrey Schroeder
Cinematographer: Michael Stine
Editor: Paul Sabater
VFX: Ethan Chancer
Production company: Stadium

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