DECEMBER 7, 2021
USA | 3 minutes | 2021

Directed by Joyce Keokham
Featuring Keekai


Official music video for Filipinx artist Keekai’s song, Goal, about the gamification of gay hookup culture.

Director’s Statement

Keekai wrote Goal as a song about the gamification of gay hookup culture, and how they choose to, or not to, participate. I think they were coming from a place where they were saying look I can step out of the games hook-up culture typically entails.

When I heard the song I thought, wow it also relates so well to the way I feel about stepping out of the binary structures society expects of us. Plus the tempo and title of the song matched an earlier idea I had for Keekai to be a star jock hitting on their star cheerleader themselves, so we had to do it!

The great part about art is that it leaves us room to interpret things based on our own experiences. If you feel how I feel, maybe the cliche jock who wants to impress and get the “girl” has been a metaphor for men wanting to embrace their own femininity all along? In the lyrics Keekai says “name your fantasy” and my very real, and attainable fantasy, is a blending of binaries.

Joyce Keokham

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Director: Joyce Keokham
Cinematographer: William Wu
Choreographer: Alishanee Chafe Hearmon

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artist: @keekai_bb