MARCH 7, 2023
USA | 5 minutes | 2021

Music video directed by Nimi Lkhagva
Featuring Misheel Erdene [MISHEEL]


Singer/Songwriter MISHEEL’s latest visual music video singing a traditional folk Mongolian song.

Director’s Statement

To flourish the ideas on this music video from conception until execution and release was such a rewarding process. Goolingoo is a traditional long love song written in 1924 in Mongolia and later popularized by renowned Mongolian actor D. Ichinkhorloo who put it on a disk that was released in 1935. Later it was also sung by a highly respected national singer N. Norovbanzad. Since then many artists have come out with their own renditions and videos. Here was our take on this beautiful song. The song itself talks about a yearning for a lost lover and the deep connection of the lover she mourns, but in happiness, because she got to experience that rare kind of powerful love. I was blessed to have a small crew on this project which all poured their hearts into each frame, I hope you sit back and let the song and visuals take you over.

– Nimi Lkhagva

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Director: Nimi Lkhagva
Cinematographer: Temuulen Bayarchuluun
Editor: Iveel Mashbat

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artist: @misheel.erdene