Mr. Chinatown

DECEMBER 8, 2022
USA | 3 minutes | 2022

Music video directed by Kenny Dzib, Leonard Caoili
Featuring Kyle Shin [Son of Paper]

Mr. Chinatown

Can one good samaritan prevent anti-AAPI violence? No – but the collective strength of the Chinatown community can.

Son of Paper enjoys a peaceful meal in the hustle and bustle of San Francisco Chinatown. Suddenly, the warm atmosphere is broken by a trio of goons who steal a family heirloom from the restaurant. Adrenaline pumping, SOP uses his amateur martial arts skills to confront the thieves, with Chinatown behind him. This conflict emphasizes the strength of the AAPI community to take a stand against violence and uplift each other in the face of hate.

Director’s Statement

MR. CHINATOWN started as a rap song but has turned into a community lead movement to Stop Anti-Asian hate crimes and rhetoric. Surprisingly and unsurprisingly, many of these crimes have happened in San Francisco, the home of many Asian elderly people. By taking a stand through MR. CHINATOWN video, we can begin to change the online discourse in film and music.

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Directors: Kenny Dzib, Leonard Caoili
Producers: Justin Guo, Aaron Pham
Editor: Bono Pan

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director: @k.dzib | @cowlilies
artist: @sonofpaper | ft. @dragonofthewest1995