who are you?

NOVEMBER 14, 2022
USA | 3 minutes | 2021

Music video directed by Maggie Wong
Featuring Jinnie Rhee

who are you?

Told exclusively through hands, ‘who are you?’ shares the story of two elderly lovers who meet for the first time. It isn’t long before they learn their time together is limited.


CineAsian Films (CAF): How did this collaboration come about and what inspired the concept behind ‘who are you?’?
Maggie Wong: I went to high school with Jinnie. She’s always been super musically talented. Despite just being acquaintances, and not keeping in touch post-graduation, I decided to just reach out and see if she wanted to work together. The rest is history.

As far as the concept goes, Jinnie was looking for something very human and grounded. I wanted to tell a story that still felt unexpected or not often told. We came up with two lovers finally meeting for the first time, but not two younger people. We see that all the time in mainstream media – but what about older people who still find the courage to put themselves out there, and take a chance on love, even if their time together is limited? That choice has such different stakes depending on where you are in life.

I also wanted to challenge ourselves as storytellers and see if we could communicate the arc of this first date solely through hands – plus, it maintains the mystery and curiosity behind the question of ‘who are you?’

CAF: What were some of the challenges you faced during production?
Wong: Time! I wish we had more time to focus in on getting more coverage of some key moments, and let those emotional moments breathe and build.

CAF: What do you hope people can take away from watching this music video?
Wong: Giving love a chance is a choice and can be worth it, even if it doesn’t seem convenient or totally logical.

CAF: Have you been working on anything new?
Wong: Yes! I’m seeking funding to begin production for a new Asian American short film I wrote and am going to direct –  Golden Garden Takeout. It’s about a suspecting mother who finds herself scrambling for a cover story when she catches her teenage daughter sneaking out to meet a boy.

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Director, Writer: Maggie Wong
Producer: Meghana Murthy
Cinematographer: Roshni Khatri
Also featuring: Gloria Jung, Barry Kolman

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artist: @jinniedapooh