A Time Before

SEPTEMBER 24, 2021
USA | 12 minutes | 2016

Drama short film directed by Zhibo Lai
Starring Kevin Tan, Lorena Berger, Kayla Anderson, Kelsey Saunders

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A Time Before

The masked secrets of a newlywed couple are revealed through the lens of time. A one take film of cause and effect.

Director’s Statement

I’ve always had a love of long take films. A Time Before was my first attempt at creating a one take film, and it was my most difficult by far. As with most of my project, I strive to push the limits of my team’s skills and talents.

How could we do something many others have done, but do it differently? Thus, the story for this cause and effect drama began. Shimin and I wrote it and tweaked it to the location within the span of 2 weeks. From there, we had 2 days to rehearsal and film it.

Diversity was also a key part of this story. The 4 cast members span four distinct racial backgrounds including: Asian, Black, White and Hispanic.

– Zhibo Lai

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Director, Co-writer, Co-producer, Cinematographer, Editor: Zhibo Lai
Co-writer, Co-producer: Shimin Day
Producer: Judy Go Wong
Music: Andrew Scott Bell

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