At the End of the Day

MAY 24, 2022
AUS | 10 minutes | 2021

Drama short film directed by Michelle Jasan
Starring Grace Chim, Ben Corlett

At the End of the Day

A lonely woman who lives abroad ends up having suicidal thoughts after trying to comfort a colleague, realizing she has not overcome her own past.

Director’s Statement

I want to portray At the End of the Day as a short film that the audience can relate to. I want the audience to be able to feel closely connected with the story on screen. In order to achieve this we shoot this short film in a realistic style, in doing so focusing on a natural cinematic look to achieve high production value in each shot. When it comes to the story, it is important to evoke the audience, making them experience and share the narrative, this will also be shared and accompanied by the cinematography, editing and sound of the film. The genre of drama allows me to vent and turn my emotions and struggles into characters with narrative. The sub genres of this film are mental health and romance, this romance alternative is a way of conveying that humans cannot live alone, we need each other to survive.

– Michelle Jasan

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Director, Writer: Michelle Jasan
Producer: Britney Willis
Cinematographers: Caspar Younger, Roy Lopez
Editor: Sybil Mendonca
Composer: Raja Asbati
Also featuring: Monica Russell, Emma Chandra

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