Big Bag Theory

NOVEMBER 30, 2022
PHL | 21 minutes | 2022

Drama, romance short film directed by Arjen Manlapig
Starring Marlann Flores, Bryan Santos

Big Bag Theory

Lea is excited to meet her boyfriend’s parents and goes out of her way to prepare to impress his socialite mother. But what happens after is not what she expected.

Director’s Statement

Big Bag Theory is a short narrative romance drama about a girl trying to impress her boyfriend’s parents. The movie is inspired by the urban social milieu – that expensive things make a person. What happened to good old values? We would like to bring back moral values and goodness to society. There is nothing wrong with branded goods, in fact, it is natural to appreciate good quality and beautifully designed products. But to glorify it and be obsessed by it as a status symbol is definitely not a proper perspective. And to measure one’s worth by the things one possess is an indication of wrong establishment of priorities.

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Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Composer: Arjen Manlapig
Producer, Writer: Rossana Yap Hwang

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