Boy, Addicted

MAY 4, 2023
USA, CHN | 16 minutes | 2021

Drama, romance short film directed by Anna Chaoqun Wang
Starring Lin Xuanqing, Ugene Chen

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Boy, Addicted

Chinese title: 都市青春物语

In Southern China, a chauffeur boy, Ah-le, moves on to a new addiction when he begins a romance with a call girl, Xiaohui, who turns out to be the price he cannot afford.

Director’s Statement

“Boy, Addicted” takes place in the social background of China’s accelerating urbanization. Ah-le and Xiaohui from rural places of China are drawn to fulfill massive labor demand in fast-developing top-tier cities such as Shenzhen in this film. Workers like them try to blend into the city as much as they can, and yet they are trapped in the “urban village” which segregates them from the city.

The story is inspired by a sad love song “Losing My Ground” by Eli Tsieh. The duality of the protagonist’s feelings towards his lover, and the intensity of his feelings speaks to me loudly. The clownish, conflicted character ignites my sympathy and imagination.

I want to follow on Ah-le’s perspective, to travel in the intertwine between the past and the present, to experience with him the dramatic time frame within 24 hours from getting to know the girl, bonding with her to beat up by real life lessons. I want to create mirroring effects from the running scenes and the gazing scenes, and therefore heightening the realistic setting.

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Director, Writer, Editor: Anna Chaoqun Wang
Producer: Dorothy Wang
Cinematographer: Li Shiyu, Lin Junlong
Editor: Paul Kanter

In Yue Chinese (Cantonese).

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