JUNE 22, 2022
CAN | 13 minutes | 2021

Docufiction, experimental short film directed by Cathy Huynh
Starring Cathy Huynh, Carol Tran


An intimate glimpse into the lives of two sisters.

Director’s Statement

This documentary-fiction short film emerged as a result of the restrictions brought on by the pandemic, which forced me to think more presently than ever before as a filmmaker with the tools at my disposable. My intention with the film was to make a time capsule in capturing the relationship between my sister and I. This personal document of our relationship using narrative cinematographic techniques was used to create an intimate atmosphere without allowing the viewer to be voyeuristic.

I was also influenced by New Taiwanese filmmakers Edward Yang and Hou Hsiao- Hsien, for their formal approaches (long, static takes) as well as the domestic, familial themes commonly evident in their work. The film’s rigorous formal approach also allowed me to create a nostalgic piece while remaining cautious of my own self- indulgence, given I’m both the subject and the filmmaker.

The dialogue was completely improvised; I took inspiration from our everyday interactions and daily spaces we inhabited as frameworks/boundaries for the scenes to occur in. Its non-linear format emphasizes each vignette as being a moment in time that I was lucky enough to capture on film. The camera gave me the ability to embalm our youth, knowing neither of us will be young forever.

– Cathy Huynh

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Director: Cathy Huynh

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