Chitthiyaan – The Letters

NOVEMBER 30, 2021
IND | 15 minutes | 2019

Drama short film directed by Swati Chugh
Starring Priyanka Singh Rajput, Gopaal Satyamitra

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Chitthiyaan – The Letters

1971 in a small village in India. A woman who doesn’t know how to read or write but wants to communicate with her husband who is in army and posted at the border and there were no telephones in villages. She then finds a unique way to communicate with her husband. This story is about challenges, love, hope, adversity and separation.

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Director, Writer, Editor: Swati Chugh
Producer: Manish Chugh
Story, additional writers: Daya Rani, Tilak Raj, Darshan Chugh
Cinematographer: Prerit Batra
Composers: Abhijeet Jakhar, Kinjal Roy
Also starring: Kulsum Sujitabh, Rashmi Abegaonkar, Vedika Sethi

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