JANUARY 14, 2022
CAN | 13 minutes | 2021

Drama, LGBTQ+ short film directed by Aloh Vera
Starring Pia Ladores, Akiko Espano


Conditional depicts the reality of coming out as a queer Asian-American. The coming-of-age story follows Vanna – a young Canadian-born Cambodian who struggles to be true to herself and her parents about her sexuality after a sudden breakup. She soon faces the harsh reality of her life at home, as she struggles through cultural social pressure and binary expectations from her first-generation parents.

Director’s Statement

This short film was created as a form of coming out. My parents who played their roles for the film did not know the full context of the film. I wanted to release this as a way for them to not only discover my sexuality but to understand the lived experience as a second-generation queer immigrant growing up in Canada.

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Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer: Aloh Vera
Also starring: Dominique Brillantes, Heany Ouy, Chhay Ly

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