Cynation: Anthem of the Damned

NOVEMBER 29, 2020
AUS | 10 minutes | 2019

Music short film directed by Aaron Mak
Starring Cynation Band

Cynation: Anthem of the Damned

The band, Cynation, stay at a dingy motel in the middle of the countryside, only to wake up in a bizarre dreamworld inhabited by a demon – “The Damned” – who wants them to play for him. Slowly, the band start to realize they’re being watched and followed by The Damned in the real world as well, prompting them to escape the surreal dream world.

Director’s Statement

Anthem of the Damned explores the idea of duality on various levels to embody and materialise the duality that exists in the minds of people, and the experience of struggling to balance the good and evil that exist within. Duality is embodied in the two contrasting locations, as well as “The Damned”. A demonic manifestation of the temptations and dark thoughts of the mind.

The idea of utilising demonic imagery resonates with the traditional beliefs that the dark thoughts of man came from devils and demons – when it more accurately comes down to where people let their mind dwell, and the complexity of the human brain. However, the minds of people that spend too much time in the darkness, can be indistinguishable from the minds of demons.

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Director, Screenwriter, Editor: Aaron Mak
Story: Josh Mak
Cinematographer: Ross Gibson
Producer: Joshuiea Scott
Also featuring: Samora Squid, Eryn Hilditch

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