Diabetic Father

APRIL 1, 2021
TWN | 24 minutes | 2014

Drama short film directed by MoMo Tseng (Hsing-Ying)
Starring Chuan-Chung Li, Kang Kang Lee

Diabetic Father

Title in Chinese: 糖化老爸

Jane, an unconventional career woman, and her family face the challenge of taking care of her uncooperative diabetic father.

Director’s Statement

The movie is about Taiwan family life. A lot of Taiwanese elders think the idea of showing family love is hard to achieve. To help people realize how to love and how to understand an elder or someone who is sick is my perspective of this movie because it happens to everybody, and we should take responsibility to learn how to live and love a better way.

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Director, Writer: MoMo Tseng (Hsing-Ying)
Producer: Ying-Hsu Yao
Cinematographer: Jen-Hung Huang
Editor: Tsung-Jung Tu
Also featuring: Evan Luo, Jui-Hsia Hung

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