Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Fine

FEBRUARY 18, 2022
USA | 12 minutes | 2021

Drama short film directed by Chiahao Chou
Starring Princess Punzalan, Edmund Kwan

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Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Fine

During the summer of 2020, a young Asian-American man visits his single-mother after her mother passes away.

The Chiahou Chou-directed Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Fine is a timely portrait of an Asian-American mother and son, and the fear the Asian diaspora community lives with as hate crimes against our communities escalate in the midst of a global pandemic.

After the sudden passing of his grandmother, a young man decides to return to his single mother’s side in California as they grapple with their loss. Mother and son share some personal, heartfelt moments together that allow them to bond. The pandemic has, in many ways, allowed many of us to realize what truly matters to us. And important it is to spend time and be there for loved ones. And especially with the rise of hate crimes against Asians, it made the third act of the film all the more poignant.

The film is beautifully shot and well-paced, led by two strong performances. It’s a touching film about family and love and fear during a tumultuous time.

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Director, Writer, Editor: Chiahao Chou
Producer: Jill Von-Dae
Cinematographer: Caleb Tou
Also featuring: Travis Laughlin

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