MARCH 11, 2022
USA | 11 minutes | 2021

Drama, romance short film directed by Michael Bitanga
Starring Jalisha Granger-Ladia, Michael Bitanga


Months after a crushing breakup, Mark meets up with Amy to take back an unopened birthday gift before she moves away. A simple meeting turns into an exploration of truth that finds its way to the surface too late.

The Michael Bitanga directed Epilogue is an intimate look at the aftermath of a relationship and how they got there. Through all the ups and downs and good and bad moments, Epilogue takes us through a painful look of how two people became strangers again.

The film opens with Mark (Michael Bitanga) meeting Amy (Jalisha Granger-Ladia) to get back an unopened birthday gift before Amy moves away. What starts as a simple meeting soon turns into an emotional revelation between both people as they’re finally honest to each other and themselves. Earlier and happier moments between them juxtaposed with the present day was an excellent choice is showing how much the relationship had changed – and deteriorated.

Epilogue features solid performances from its leads and is well-paced for all of its emotional beats. It can get heavy at times, but sometimes the truth is a hard pill to swallow.

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Director, Writer, Producer, Editor: Michael Bitanga
Producers: Jalisha Granger-Ladia, Myra Datu

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