FEBRUARY 25, 2022
USA | 29 minutes | 2021

Psychological thriller short film directed by Andy Jean-Gilles
Starring Precious Sipin


When Alice revisits her childhood home, she finds that things are not as she left it and is forced to relive her past as she walks into her uncertain future.

Director’s Statement

Why is it that the ones that we love the most get us the angriest?
The greatest grudges are held towards those whom we love the most, and those people are usually our own family members.
If we truly love them, then why is it so hard to forgive them?

Kind of makes you rethink the phrase “can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” Sometimes it is true, but I also believe that it’s important to try to have a loving connection with the people who mean a lot to you, even if they get on our last nerves.

Maybe if forgiveness was more frequent then there would be less hurt, fear, violence, war, etc. I’m not saying condone abuse nor am I saying forget; I’m saying forgive.

In the film, Expectations, each character has an expectation attached to them- as so it is with life. Expectations was written as a Psychological Thriller because the pressure to succeed and meet expectations especially from our loved ones can and has provoked many to go down a dark path, causing them to hurt the people they care most about. They fail to properly communicate their emotions, leaving them stuck in an endless cycle of shame and regret. It produces a strain on people’s mental health. I have experienced this strain and am sure that I have been the result of it to others as well.

My desire is that the people who watch this film are encouraged to call their loved ones and forgive.

We all have expectations of others and expectations put onto us. We just have to try to find peace and harmony with our various expectations. My hope is that we can do that. My expectation is that we will.

-Andy Jean-Gilles

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Director, Writer, Producer: Andy Jean-Gilles
Producers: Precious Sipin, Andrew Siu
Cinematographer: Andrew Siu
Editor: Andrew Siu
Also starring: Tony Romero, Angela de Marie, Andrew Siu, Sophia Ysobelle Gonzales, Thomas Rosa, Brett Ricard

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