Falling Sparrow

MARCH 4, 2022
USA | 15 minutes | 2020

Action, fantasy, adventure, martial arts/wuxia short film directed by Justin Wang Powell
Starring Hannah Ho, Jing Wu, Nicole Davis

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Falling Sparrow

A young woman sets out to take her family’s sword back from her murderous uncle.

Falling Sparrow is a martial arts epic that follows a young woman who makes it her mission to take back her family’s sword from her uncle. Set in the modern day while also feeling like it could be a period piece, the film juxtaposes flashbacks and the present day that weave together into an exciting action film.

The scenes of Young Sparrow and her mother give us a great backstory of who they are and the kind of upbringing Sparrow had. It also introduces us to the antagonist uncle who, in the modern day set in a modern gym, the older Sparrow must defeat to win back the family sword. The editing brought together the past and present nicely, and made for a well-paced action piece.

The fight choreography was fantastic, making for exciting fight scenes worth every second, captured by great cinematography. It’s a thrilling film that explores the themes of family, tradition, and revenge all in one.

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Director, Writer: Justin Wang Powell
Producers: Nikki Blacklock, Zachary Smith, Susannah Joffe
Cinematographer: Eric Johnsen
Editor: Nikki Blacklock
Composer: Li Xun
Also featuring: Claire Butler as “Young Sparrow”

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