Grandma’s River

October 22, 2021
CHN | 6 minutes | 2020

Drama short film directed by Steven Yao
Starring Ziyi Wang, Yafei Ye

Grandma’s River

Chinese title: 奶奶的河

A 10-year-old Shui Sheng is too distracted to mind the advice of his grandma, until he makes a terrible mistake.

Director’s Statement

This project took me and my team an entire year to finish. During this process, we ran into many creative and technical hardships, and it was countless of sleepless nights that brought us this film, which we are incredibly proud of. I want to take this opportunity to reflect on my childhood memories and promote Chinese cultures that often goes unnoticed. As an aspiring filmmaker, I strive to identify my own voice using visual language.

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Director, Writer, Editor: Steven Yao
Producers: Bai Feng, Mei Wang, Wenhong Yao
Cinematographers: Galaxy Ge, Chengli Wu
Music: courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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