NOVEMBER 2, 2021
UK | 10 minutes | 2019

Drama short film directed by Elliot Barnes-Worrell
Starring Kirsty Rider, Amanda Redman


What happens when you are questioned about a cultural identity that you don’t feel you belong to?

Hana is an A* student in her final year at sixth-form, everything is going her way, until the principal calls her in to discuss a racial incident.

This film explores the vulnerable moment when a young woman from a mixed heritage background realises that society sees her otherness first.

Content Warning: The following film contains subject material, including the use of a racial slur, that may be triggering or traumatizing to some audiences. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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Director: Elliot Barnes-Worrell
Producer: Lisa Osborne
Writer: Kirsty Rider
Cinematographer: Catherine Derry
Editor: Nigel Bunyan
Music: Shiloh Coke
Also starring: Haruka Abe, Ambreen Razia

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