NOVEMBER 18, 2021
CHN | 19 minutes | 2020

Drama short film directed by Yiru Chen
Starring Zhenyu Tang

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Contemporary Shanghai, summer. Xia Qing, a boy who has been wearing Cochlear Implants due to hearing loss, has a deep love for dancing. He gains so much joy just from copying Martha Graham’s hand gestures in a dance magazine. A kid with a precocious nature, he sometimes paints his pinky nail red just for that glimpse of beauty. Yet all these passionate pursuits are misunderstood and questioned by his single, deaf mother. Given the rare opportunity to audition for his favorite dance company, he seeks his mother’s approval and longs to overcome this obscure self-identity crisis, through the silent language on his fingertips.

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Director, Writer: Yiru Chen
Producer: Kaiwen Chen, Xuehan Jiang
Co-Writer: Bianca Anke Bai
Cinematographer: Yichuan Huang
Also starring: Lina Zhu, Ming Liu, Ying Liang, Zhaoyan Mi

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