AUGUST 24, 2022
CAN | 4 minutes | 2022

Documentary short film directed by Kevin Jin Kwan Kim
Featuring Ziyian Kwan, Jace Junggyu Kim, Amanda Sum, Shiyu, Alex S. Yu


Hybridity provides the perspective of five East Asian-Canadian artists of different disciplines, highlighting their experiences of navigating their identity and culture while being a part of both the Eastern and Western worlds. The short documentary features Ziyian Kwan, Jace Junggyu Kim, Amanda Sum, Shiyu and Alex S. Yu.

Director’s Statement

Questions of identity and heritage are often profound in the minds of young artists (including myself), and Hybridity aims to provide the insight of various East Asian-Canadian artists who’ve either faced the same questions, or are currently facing them. We hope that the film will allow the audience to feel connected and inspired, answer and raise questions about their identity, and help them feel a sense of connection to our small yet dynamic community.

– Kevin Jin Kwan Kim

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Director, Producer, Editor: Kevin Jin Kwan Kim
Producers: Bianca Rose Cheung, Cathy Huynh, Liam Peterson (EP)
Cinematographer: Peter CS Lee

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