OCTOBER 28, 2021
USA | 5 minutes | 2021

Thriller short film directed by Pelan Le
Starring Pelan Le, Eden Elise


Most people feared the darkness. Some people feared, more wisely, the things within the darkness. As the sun sets, and the streets darken, a vampire descends into the night in search of his next prey.

From Pelan Le, Inamorata is a stylish thriller of a world of darkness, fear, and a vampire searching for his next prey.

A woman, the muse (Eden Elise), is being followed and watched by a vampire (Pelan Le) – she senses a presence nearby, but doesn’t know she doesn’t know what it is and can’t see him. The cinematography and editing with time jumps are done well to help create an atmosphere and sense of confusion, distress, and fear.

With lavish sets, costumes, and a stunning score to match, Inamorata brings the classiness, elegance, and sexiness of gothic vampires to the present day. And it reminds us to look over our shoulders at night for the things that lurk in the dark.

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Director, Writer, Producer: Pelan Le
Associate Producer: Philana Le
Cinematographers: Isabel Domiano, Washington Chua
Editor: Parker Lee
Composer: Nick Montopoli

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