Je Préfère Être – A Visual Poetry

FEBRUARY 7, 2023
FRA | 5 minutes | 2021

Experimental short film directed by Nimi Lkhagva
Starring Odonchimeg Davaasuren

Je Préfère Être – A Visual Poetry

A Visual Poetry from artist Odonchimeg Davaasuren. Paris, France.

Director’s Statement

The inspiration for this very special project came so organically to me on my special month in Paris. I connected with my artist and collaborator “Odie” who’s an incredible Mongolian-Parisian artist living in France through Instagram (in these moments I thank social media). We quickly decided to meet in person and bonded over being creative Mongolian-immigrant women living far away from our Motherland and craving that connection. That’s how Je Préfère Être was born. The story behind Je Préfère Être originated alongside a beautifully written poem by Odie dives into what it means to stand still and appreciate the idea of not being absolutely perfect. It’s the opportunity to live in the peace of your own mind and body and with gratitude for what’s already around you. It also deals heavily with the feminine energy in harmony with Mother nature, keeping it all balanced and allowing it to flow freely. I hope you truly enjoy this very near and dear visual and hope you can create your own awakening, whatever it may be that you are searching for at this moment in life. 

– Nimi Lkhagva

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Director: Nimi Lkhagva
Artwork & poetry: Odonchimeg Davaasuren
Melody by: Mend-Amar Jambal

In French.

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