Kato: A New Page

DECEMBER 31, 2020
USA | 14 minutes | 2020

Action, Comedy short film directed by Vincent Eclavea Jr.
Starring Matthew Fortes, Vincent Eclavea Jr.

For copyright purposes, the film requires a password for viewing.
password: BreakingBarriers

Kato: A New Page

A re-imagined AAPI super hero icon faces off in a life and death duel. Our Asian protagonist faces the mediocrity of his ordinary day job, against his flights of fancy he experiences in the comic book world.

When his habits of escapism come into conflict with reality, he is put to the test to make decisions that might question the lens he views his own actions and circumstances.

Director’s Statement

In the wake of what happened in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, I created a short to give light to Bruce Lee and how he has inspired my team, and myself.

And with this inspiration, with just our phones in pocket, location releases from our network, this is what we have created.

As an AAPI performer in the industry, I had mixed reactions to the portrayal. So with as much heart, dedication, and resource in my hands, I created a short to hopefully inspire a narrative that relates to AAPI empowerment.

It is not a revenge story against disparity that exists in what can be quantified as white male privilege in society, but more of an exploration.

Kato is the cultural icon for AAPI superheroes, so here’s my love letter. Wrapped with a bit of comedy, coolness, and epicness. Enjoy.

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Director, Producer, Editor: Vincent Eclavea Jr.
Writer: Jack Ritter
Cinematographer: Brian Ritter
Music: Nilay Ghatlia, Blenda Lau
Also featuring: Nico Abiera, Jack Ritter, Arick Arzadon, Brian Ritter

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