La Bombe

MAY 24, 2021
CAN | 7 minutes | 2016

Narrative short film directed by Kimberley Wong
Starring Kimberley Wong, Mike Lefèvre

La Bombe

A young street artists adapts to the vibrations of the busy streets of the city of Paris.

Director’s Statement


The idea to collaborate on a short film started when I took a family trip to Europe. Since I had been to France one year prior, I wanted to challenge myself to produce work on this vacation, using just one day to freely explore and make this short film.

The initial idea started with a feeling. From there I built a digital moodboard, focusing on a general vibe and ambiance. It consisted of collected art, music, images, places, graffiti; a “look” and city feel.

I wanted to focus on different types of artists at play: a Visual artist (Bomba), a Writer (Lucas), and a Musician (Violoniste). Pat Scott, my collaborator, & I wrote a quick script which I transcribed into French and started sending feelers out to friends and fellow filmmakers living in Paris. Luckily, I received positive response & gave the project the green light!

Overall, with 1 day to physically scout for locations, 1 day to shoot, and a cast and crew that would meet for the first time the day-of -shoot, we took the risk and dove in to the making of this baby.

Some questions I wanted to explore through the short film format: How does medium affect the artist? How do the light/darkness, the environment, the sounds, the people, the ambiance affect the art?

This tiny speck of an idea, a feeling more than anything, became truly an international collaboration of artists doing what we love and jumping in to the unknown!

Thank you to everyone who helped bring this short to life, especially James Coote – our amazing British cinematographer, French co-producer Mike Lefevre, to our jazzy Composer Robby Marshall for the perfect music, Jeremie Levi-Samson for the violin playing (a Django beast), and to Le Monge and Paris Jazz Corner for letting us use your beautiful and vibrant sites! Congratulations to Jeremie & Jackie who met on our set, fell in love, and brought a new baby Penelope into this world!

We hope this short film inspires you to creative, collaborate, and make more art!

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Director, Writer, Producer: Kimberley Wong
Co-writer: Patrick Scott
Producer: Mike Lefèvre
Cinematographer: Jamie Coote
Editor: Sarah Russell
Composer: Robby Marshall
Also starring: Jérémiah Levi Samson, Jacqueline Herrera, Matthieu Thieveyrat

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