Lights Out

APRIL 26, 2023
USA | 13 minutes | 2021

Sci-fi, fantasy, LGBTQ+ short film directed by Kurt Kanazawa
Starring Kurt Kanazawa, Tramayne Tirrell, Natasha Tina Liu

Lights Out

Charlie, a young Asian American man, discovers he has a superpower that’s not very useful… It’s only triggered when Charlie is “talking dirty” AKA narrating adult romance audiobooks in his closet. Charlie struggles to uncover the mystery of this new superpower, all while confronting a stagnant relationship with his long term boyfriend, Nathan. Loosely based on a true story of the first Asian male romance narrator, ever, in the history of the audiobook world!

Director’s Statement

Our story is about a FIRST. The first Asian-American Male Romance narrator in the history of audiobooks… ever!

In 2020, the first adult romance book to feature an Asian Male protagonist was recorded and released – Jayci Lee’s trilogy “The Heirs of Hansol,” read by Kurt Sanchez Kanazawa. Romance books are extremely popular, and the audiobook realm is one of the fastest growing sectors of the entertainment industry, with a Deloitte forecast to hit more than $3.5 billion in worldwide market share.

I am the narrator himself, and co-wrote this sci-fi fantasy short, “Lights Out,” with my boyfriend, Tramayne Tirrell. What started off as a playful idea came to fruition in this short that you see today – but not without it’s challenges.

We were both diagnosed with COVID-19 one day before our shoot. This was filmed within the confines of our apartment in quarantine, and virtually with our incomparable tour-de-force actress, Natasha Tina Liu.

Shot on a micro budget of $0, with no crew, and written, shot, edited, designed, directed, composed and acted solely by Tramayne and myself, this is a project truly born from passion and fully realized within our quarantined limitations.

Finally, in a world of endless injustices towards the Black and APA/AAPI/Native Hawaiian communities, this film is a joyful spotlight on the leaders and “firsts” within us all.

– Kurt Kanazawa

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Director, Editor: Kurt Kanazawa
Writers: Kurt Kanazawa, Tramayne Tirrell
Producers: Kurt Kanazawa, Tramayne Tirrell
Original Song: Tramayne Tirrell (“Is That Enough”)

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