Lost and Found

MARCH 13, 2021
USA | 22 minutes | 2018

Drama short film directed by Zilong Wang
Starring Teddy Chen, Leann Lei

Lost and Found

In a quiet, non-populated hotel, a mysterious Asian woman is noticed by staffer, Louis. As Louis starts to do his own investigation secretly, he realizes that the woman could be a Hong Kong movie star who has been dead for years. When the truth is about to come out, things start getting out of control.

Director’s Statement

After graduating from CSU Northridge with a film production major, I worked at an LA Chinese TV station, as a camera operator and editor. While producing TV, web programs and commercials, I found out that we still followed the 480p resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio TV program standards because our main audience was middle-aged to elderly Chinese immigrants. Unlike the younger generation who rely more on the internet, it seems like time is frozen for them. Since I grew up watching Hong Kong movies of the ‘80s and ‘90s, I could not stop thinking about the relationship between us and the past experiences that we hold on to. Perhaps our traditions and culture created who we are today, but when time has passed and things have changed, should we discard or retain these experiences? With this in mind, I began to write a script called Lost and Found. I tried to address the reconciliation between the past and present in an old Hong Kong movie style, mixing up the genres of mystery, romance and comedy.

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Director, Writer, Editor: Zilong Wang
Producers: Demi Jie Yu, Dan Funes
Cinematographer: Bryce Platz
Also featuring: Ian Kim

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