JANUARY 16, 2021
CAN | 3 minutes | 2020

Action, Drama short film directed by Josh Aries
Starring Mimi Tian, Leslie Kwan


Chinese title: 兄妹

Mei, a tenacious, high-ranking triad member finds herself cornered by her detective brother and their simpler times as siblings.

The Josh Aries directed, Leslie Kwan written Mei is a fast-paced and action packed three minutes depicting the complicated bond between brother and sister. Past and present juxtaposed together gives us a very emotional look at two people wrestling with their own morals, and love for each other, while on very different paths.

The film opens with Mei (Mimi Tian) and Sam (Leslie Kwan) having a race while training during their earlier days. Then it cuts to Sam, now a detective, in the present day chasing Mei, now involved in a triad, into a corner, where they engage in exciting hand-to-hand combat.

The two leads do a fantastic job balancing their emotional beats with their fight choreography, with the editing creating a fast, well-paced and action-packed film. The different color grading evokes different tones of warmth and coldness, matching the tone of the very different situations between the same two people. Mei shows us how complicated our relationships can be, especially with those closest to us.

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Director, Editor: Josh Aries
Writer, Fight Choreographer: Leslie Kwan
Cinematographer: Marc Yungco

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