MAY 25, 2023
CHN | 7 minutes | 2021

Mystery, thriller, suspense short film directed by Sam Iwata
Starring Maggie Li, Eric Paci, Allen Wan

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An actress who continuously suffers from the same nightmare of a former homicide case tries to find out what could be behind it, only to discover that she may be the victim in real life.

Director’s Statement

Upon being asked by a friend to collaborate in a 48 Hour Film Project based on one of my stories, we achieved remarkably within 48 hours with only a budget of under 4K RMB (USD 630).

By squeezing a feature-length story into a 7 minutes short film, we are modestly honored to present the masterpiece produced with phenomenal DNA but was disqualified by mismatched genre.

Initially from the commercial world, I find myself in a brand new film world, where I certainly believe my learning path is still long ahead as I will enhance rapidly in the near future.

– Sam Iwata aka Liu

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Director: Sam Iwata
Writers: Sam Iwata, Michael Shih
Producers: Maggie Li, Hayden Hsu, Sam Iwata (executive), Allan Wan (executive)
Cinematographer: AK Liangjun Zha
Editors: Ronnie Hongyong Fang, Sam Iwata
Also starring: Arran Ritchie, Siyuan Meng, Yunhan Liu

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