Miles to Go

MARCH 7, 2021
CAN | 2 minutes | 2019

Animated short film directed by Eudora Shum

Miles to Go

A woman driving through heavy rain experiences a brief moment of peace as she passes through a tunnel. Inspired by the Robert Frost poem “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.”

In less than 2 short minutes, Eudora Shum’s beautifully animated Miles to Go makes us feel a plethora of emotions as we join a woman’s journey driving through the rain.

Alone and driving on long, winding mountainous roads, the woman starts to have difficulty seeing as a heavy rainstorm pours. We see snapshots of her life: wedding rings, a family photo with her husband and daughter, a pill bottle swiveling in a cup holder. As she enters a tunnel, all of the noise and fear suddenly get drowned out by the very welcomed silence and peace.

The sound design and score help add layers to a dialogue-less film. The animation is exquisite. A marvel of visual storytelling, Miles to Go is a wonderful reminder of the small moments we can take to ourselves for peace and quiet before we soldier on.

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Director, Writer: Eudora Shum
Character design: Esther Cheung
Car rigging: Raship Trikha
Sound design: Bruno Degazio
Composer: Ricardo Ferro

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