MAY 10, 2021
CHN | 15 minutes | 2020

Comedy, sci-fi short film directed by Xiaoli Liu
Starring Huan Wang, Xiaoli Liu

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Chinese title: 蒙太奇

Due to an overly cruel ending of the film, the producer orders the emerging director fixing it. However, the actors are unavailable for re-filming, so the director seeks help from the editor. Surprisingly, the director is imported into the editing software. Could he possibly change the ending of the film?

Director’s Statement

In French, “Montage” is an architectural term. Editing has its own rules, such as the Kuleshov Effect. By putting different shots together, you can create a new meaning. I was thinking, if there is a world in the movie, then it must conform to the editing rules. I have also worked as an editor, so I have a good understanding of the life of the editors. When we made mistakes during the shooting, we always say “Fix in post.” But in fact, an editor only have limited ability. They can’t make things out of nothing. When I was an editor, I often dream about being imported into the film so I can adjust the performance or story. So, the idea of this film was born.

[China Region ONLY] the full film is available for viewing on iQIYI HERE.

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Director, Writer, Producer, Editor: Xiaoli Liu
Cinematographers: Wanli Zhang, Chen Meng
Composer: Ling Lu
Also starring: Zhe Yang, Xiangpeng Guo, Jiaying He

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