One More Bite

APRIL 12, 2023
USA, CHN | 19 minutes | 2021

Drama short film directed by Yaxing Lin
Starring Zoe Zou, Yijiang Wang

Content Warning:
The following film contains material dealing with eating disorders that may be disturbing to some audiences. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

For copyright purposes, the film requires a password for viewing.
password: food2022

One More Bite

Chinese title: 食物瘾者

Jiuming, who has suffered from eating disorders for years, finds herself deeply trapped in an indecent love affair. While restraining her desire for food, she couldn’t refuse the irresistible love…

Director’s Statement

The film One More Bite is a story about addiction. It is based on a true story of a patient with an eight-year history of eating disorders. The film is from the perspective of a bulimic woman’s struggle with food, family, and love relationship. One More Bite is not a documentary or educational video on eating orders; rather, it focuses more on a unique individual’s experience. It is about abstinence and release, balance and imbalance, and perfection and collapse.

My original intention of making this film is that I hope more people will notice and understand this marginal group, especially the Asian eating disorder groups. They have been underrepresented all the time. However, eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that happen to all races around the world. I hope to use my work to reflect their mental world, and to listen to their voices. I don’t expect every audience to emphasize 100%, but I hope this movie can improve everyone’s understanding and tolerance of this group. In addition, as a filmmaker and a woman, I hope that we can boldly accept our own desires, whether they are appetite, lust, sexuality or other, boldly accept our own bodies and appearances, and boldly explore diverse aesthetics so that in the end, we can be confident and strong enough to block the “thorns” from the world.

– Yaxing Lin

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Director, Writer: Yaxing Lin
Producer: Kay Niuyue Zhang
Cinematographer: Andy Yu
Editor: Haoyue Yang
Music by: Meimei Zhu, Mario Verlangieri
Also starring: Sijia Xiao, Yijing Zhang, Zhangqi Liu

In Mandarin Chinese.

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