Parental Guidance Suggested

JUNE 1, 2021
USA | 17 minutes | 2020

Documentary, LGBTQI+ short film directed by Dane Neves
Featuring Dillon Ancheta, Dan Chang, Marina Del Rey, Kim Coco Iwamoto, RoxyOTM, Kelly Sanders

Parental Guidance Suggested

Real parents seek advice from leaders in Hawaii’s LGBTQI+ community advice on how to better understand their gay son. To keep their identities anonymous, the parents’ recordings are re-enacted with puppets. This is everything you always wanted to know about your gay child…but were afraid to ask.

Parental Guidance Suggested is a creative and beautiful documentary featuring members of Hawaii’s LGBTQI+ community who give advice on how parents can better understand their gay child. To preserve the parents’ identities, questions were re-enacted using puppets.

By choosing to use puppets in the film, the filmmakers helped add to the friendly and welcoming tone of the documentary. It provides clarity on some commonly asked questions on an issue that has long threatened to tear some families apart.

This film offers us a new perspective in understanding the LGBTQIA+ community from an outsider’s glimpse by explaining some of the most difficult things in the simplest terms, hopefully allowing some to be more understanding, accepting, and loving.

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Director, Producer: Dane Neves
Crew: Lindsay Rees, Jennifer Chung
Puppeteers: Dane Neves, Anne Selby
Also featuring: Nā’ea Ching, GDolce, Von Kā’anā’ana, Rudi Keawe, Joshua Ligot, Josh Marcus, Jonah Nakaza-Koizumi, Keone Oka, Zachary Ramones, Alex Rieta, Vincent Santos, Adrian Tam, Robert Teczon, Randy Tran, Jason Victorino, Rodney-Jerrome Viloria

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