Pieces & Bits

THA | 14 minutes | 2019

Drama short film directed by Bo Nawacharee
Starring Belle Visa

Pieces & Bits

A day in a life of a young Thai artist, Cea, where she has to encounter yet another stereotype of her identity as a Thai woman. All the frustration that she might have been accumulated, she found a way to chasten the stereotype, and bring her pride back to her fellow girls.


CineAsian Films (CAF): What was the inspiration behind making pieces & bits?
Bo Nawacharee: The discussions of this sexualise and fetishised stereotyping of Thai women have always been something I’m interested in. Also, as a Thai woman, I personally have encountered so many strange jokes and casual derogatory phrases regarding this. Many of my friends also have been through similar things, and the range of the threat varies. There’s a whole history behind all these stereotypes but what was interesting to me is that it all has been constantly perpetuated by the media and modern culture. Especially the western media or casual social jokes that keep illustrating Thailand as an exotic place with wild women who’s either a cheap purchase or a trophy wife who cooks amazing Thai food. It comes down to affecting all of us. I think that’s how I wanted to use the media as well to show how it’s happening in a very normal daily life or any Thai girls anywhere.

CineAsian Films (CAF): What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during production?
Nawacharee: I think it was the editing. The film changes so much from its original screenplay to the final cut. The battle was between my initial dream or vision for the film versus me thinking about what could take to take this film to its furthest potential. It’s basically me fighting with myself. It was a hard battle but I learned a lot and I really appreciate it.

CineAsian Films (CAF): What do you hope people can take away from watching this powerful film?
Nawacharee: A good conversation is quite ideal for me. I hope that the film sparks a discussion or a topic for people to touch upon. Since it’s rather a sensitive topic to bring up randomly at dinner or at a cafe, you know. I doubt a lot of people would randomly go – Hey what do you think about this whole sexualised thing or hooker jokes that always happen to Thai women. Or any other women to be honest. I believe that sexualisation and fetishisation happens to any race, and all the stereotypes backfire on us women of all nationalities a lot. So if the film can bring up a meaningful conversation, an understanding towards the situation, or even an attempt to see what’s going on, that would be cool.

CineAsian Films (CAF): Are you working on any new projects?
Nawacharee: My dance film “Bangkok2.5” about Bangkok air pollution and my new experimental short film “Fall Into My Palms” are playing right now, so I hope to share it with the world soon. There’s more information on my website. On the development side, I wrote a screenplay about a fluctuating artist journey versus the chaotic nature of Bangkok city and society a while ago, hoping to push that one forward soon. It deals a lot with internal quest and confusion versus external forces of family and the city. I’m also writing some longer projects that I’m very excited about as well but we can save that to chat more about some other times. I’m also very open to chat about projects and collaboration, so please feel free to hit me up.

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Director, Writer, Editor: Bo Nawacharee
Producer: Angel Teng
Cinematographer: Art Parnitudom
Also starring: Andrew Bliek, James T. Majewski

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