SEPTEMBER 13, 2021
USA | 5 minutes | 2019

Comedy short film directed by Christopher Leong
Starring J-Kai Hsu, Christopher Leong


The daily ritual of a social night owl comes to a screeching halt in this short silent comedy about the modern dating scene and what society now defines to be “love and romance.”

Director’s Statement

It started off as an idea that got panned by a teacher who would then proceed to downgrade me just for proposing the project alone shortly after making me spend another insomnia-laced week in my school library making me redo the entire Production Packet for this.

The next semester, I decided to move forward with this piece on my own without any restrictions enforced by a professor. However, various Cast and Crew who I have recruited months in advance; while checking in on them from time to time decided to step down from the project just days before principal photography was supposed to begin so I had to act fast.

With the Director of Photography being one of the newly vacant spots, I decided to use what I learned in a Mobile Filmmaking Course and take over camera operations via my iPhone and the FilmicPro app. Throughout the production, I worked with both what and who I had on hand and did everything I could to make the ends meet as deadlines loomed.

In the end, I am grateful with how it turned out especially considering everything that happened leading up to it. Though most importantly, I am thankful for my amazing Cast and Crew for taking a chance on me and sticking with my project through thick and thin!

Watch the full film here.

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Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer: Christopher Leong
Also starring: Nora Cullinen, Amy Wan, Sabrina Marie