NOVEMBER 2, 2020
USA | 3 minutes | 2018

Dramedy short film directed by Evelyn Lee
Starring Evelyn Lee


Chinese title: 舊地重遊

A young woman goes on an adventure to revisit a spot for a special moment.

It opens with a photograph of a little girl frowning. Then a young woman is waiting at a bus stop. Recapture (stylized entirely in lowercase) takes us along on a journey with this young woman (Evelyn Lee, also the film’s director). Shot on location in Taipei, Lee also co-produced, edited, and composed the score for the film.

At first, we’re kept in the dark about where she’s headed. The cinematography is simple yet beautiful, and tells us exactly what we need to know without giving away too much. When we’re finally off the bus, we realize she’s at a museum, where she stands in front of and snaps a selfie.

It’s then when you realize that the young woman is the little girl in the opening photograph and she’s trying to recreate – recapture, if you will – a moment in time. Only this time, she’s finally smiling. The score for the film is a perfect ambient piano piece that matches the tone of the whole story. In less than three minutes, Lee takes us on a sweet and heartwarming ride of someone visiting their past — and making it right.

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Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Composer, & Starring: Evelyn Lee
Cinematographer, Producer: Shirley Lee

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