Remapping Taipei: Maidenology

OCTOBER 12, 2022
TWN | 9 minutes | 2021

Documentary, experimental short film directed by Chen-Yi Wu

Remapping Taipei: Maidenology

Remapping Taipei: Maidenology discusses the representations of the city of Taipei from the perspective of urban Taiwanese girls in their early twenties. By showing a collection of clips shot in the year of 2018 and various narrative style, this montage depicts the life of these young women – sophisticated yet young at heart, complicated but try to keep their innocence.

Remapping Taipei: Maidenology, directed by Chen-Yi Wu, is an experimental documentary that looks at the city of Taipei from the point of view of young Taiwanese girls in their twenties. The film is a fascinating and intimate look into life for these young women in a big city full of culture and vibrant history.

Separated into five parts, each part consists of exploring different aspects of life in Taipei, while following a few urban Taiwanese young women in their daily lives as they commute and go to work. Each part consists of different looks and styles of editing to go with its theme. In under 10 minutes, the film is able to capture very particular moments of life in Taipei, wrapping on an open yet romantic note about migration and letting the train carry you to all the places you’ll go.

The experimental documentary is stylistically shot and paced, and gives us a realistic and specific glimpse into the Taipei experience through the eyes of young, working women.

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Director: Chen-Yi Wu

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