Remember Who You Are

JANUARY 7, 2022
USA | 4 minutes | 2020

Documentary short film directed by Grace Park
Featuring Grace Park

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Remember Who You Are

Right after landing in the U.S. as an international student, Covid hits and Grace is trapped in her dorm. Another day of quarantine in a space where even time has stopped. She has to remember who she is to push through the emptiness.

Remember Who You Are, directed by and featuring Grace Park, beautifully captures the mundane of being stuck inside during pandemic and falling into a mindless routine. Days and nights are long and start to blur together.

The film captures how quarantining alone during the pandemic can be lonely and empty and feel endless. Things we could normally do outside and with others suddenly became a solitary task. One has to find ways to keep busy and pass the time or the days of routine can become increasingly difficult.

Simplistically and beautifully shot, the documentary is a portrait of uncertainty during a lonely, scary time. And it serves as a reminder that we are all, thankfully, still here.

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Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Sound, Cinematographer: Grace Park

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