Rêverie 11:12

CAN | 11 minutes | 2019

Experimental drama short film by Beryl Liu, Angelina Guo
Starring Beryl Liu, Angelina Guo

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Rêverie 11:12

A young woman who is lost and unwilling to let go of the past embarks on a midnight quest to Chinatown looking to turn back time to escape from the present. On this excursion she meets a mysterious woman from the past who is unbound to the rules of this reality. This elusive trickster figure crosses boundaries of time and space to whisper words of wisdom and plant seeds of hope — all the while, the young heroine desperately searches a path to her memories throughout a night of dream like illusions, swimming in the nostalgia, facing the truth of tragedy head-on and learning to let go.

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Directors, Writers, Producers: Beryl Liu, Angelina Guo
Producer: Joy Han
Cinematographer: Eddie Cai
Composer, Sound designer: Edward Dai

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