Secondary Education

JULY 23, 2021
USA | 12 minutes | 2013

Comedy, adventure, sci-fi, action short film directed by Jon Truei
Starring Eric Lim, Michelle Cutolo, Josh Greenwald, Cosmo Sher

Secondary Education

Three high school students discover that their Chemistry teacher has been living a secret double life as a crime-­fighting Power Ranger during after school detention, and unwittingly become embroiled in a showdown with an escaped mutant lobster.

A hybrid throwback to the educational after school specials of the 90s and the Japanese Tokusatsu genre.

Jon Truei’s Secondary Education is a fun and exciting film that draws inspiration from Power Rangers, high school teen movies, and science fiction films of the nineties. The blend of genres makes for a thrilling adventure and exciting moments.

While three high school students (Cosmo Sher, Josh Greenwald, Michelle Cutolo) are stuck in after school detention to retake a chemistry test, a masked superhero, Metacaptain, is outside the classroom fighting a mutated lobster, Clawster (Jae Greene). Mr. Yamamoto (Eric Lim) shows up late to detention because, little do they know, he’s the Metacaptain himself. But when Clawster makes his way into the school and terrorizes everyone inside, the students must use the science principles from the chemistry test that they failed to help Metacaptain defeat Clawster.

The pacing is excellent so that the chemistry lesson we’re given never feels long and is a very necessary part of the plot. The film is well shot with a fitting visual style, and the costumes are great fun. The fight choreography is definitely reminiscent of Power Rangers, and everything works together well for some superhero fun.

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Director, Writer, Producer, Editor: Jon Truei
Co-Writer: Max Parr
Producers: Eric Lim, Lincoln Smith
Cinematographer: Oliver Lucian Anderson
Editor: Mikel Dever
Music by: Jeff Heim
Also starring: Jae Greene, Bob Johanson

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