Silent Hero

JULY 1, 2021
CHN | 14 minutes | 2019

Drama short film directed by Shiyu Li
Starring Haibo Chang, Zewei Li

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Silent Hero

Chinese title: 沉默英雄

After smashing his son’s guitar for an upcoming local rock concert, an unemployed father starts reconciling with his 16 year-old son.

Director’s Statement

There was an idea in my mind all the time that I wanted to make a movie about father and son back in my town in China. In my memory, man and boy, father’s love is nonverbal but as heavy and secure as a mountain. Father’s actions express his love for his children more than any words. That’s why I named this movie as “SILENT HERO”. In addition, the experience that I started a band since I was in high school keeps my great passion for music and even for Rock N Roll. I always believe that music is another power, besides the image, to express my artistic voice. So finally, this story, which is about father and son, the passion of youth, father’s love and music, popped out of my head.

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Director, Writer, Editor: Shiyu Li
Producer: Yifei He
Cinematographer: Alejandro Miyashiro
Composer: Li Quan
Also starring: Tao Liu

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