Sorrowful Hand in Light

AUGUST 6, 2021
USA | 4 minutes | 2020

Experimental short film directed by Xiangyu Wang
Starring Anthony Lien, Zihan Zhao

Sorrowful Hand in Light

Chinese title: 尘世之光有它兴废的悲伤之手

A visual interpretation of a poem written by the director. The film is about an invisible woman, who comes into your mind as quickly as she fades away.

Sorrowful Hand in Light is a gorgeous visual interpretation of a poem written by director Xiangyu Wang. An experimental visual poem that explores obsession, love, connection, and how fleeting it all is. Colorful and dreamlike, Sorrowful Hand in Light evokes styles of Terrence Malick and Wong Kar-wai.

The film’s use of light and color to recreate the images described by the poem paints a very stunning visual poem that stays true to its words. Like Wong and Malick’s films, the story is open to interpretation while taking you on an emotional and melancholic journey.

The beautiful cinematography and fast-paced editing help create for an artistic and thoughtful visual experience that is as fleeting as the love it depicts.

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Director, Writer: Xiangyu Wang
Producer: Yaxuan Chen
Cinematographer: Ruofeng Zhang
Editor: Yu Chien Wu
Composer: Yifan Lin (who also features as the piano performer)

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