The Architect

DECEMBER 3, 2020 | UPDATED: MAY 27, 2021
USA | 21 minutes | 2020

Drama short film directed by Alexandre Pulido
Starring Bruce Baek

The Architect

The brief story of a middle-aged Korean-American engineer who falls in love with a bridge.

In Alexandre Pulido’s well-structured film, The Architect, we are introduced to Jeong-Hyo Park (Bruce Baek) in the middle of what could be considered a mid-life crisis. Nothing excites him anymore, and he’s bored and unhappy. Falling out of love with his wife (Chuja Seo) and mundane routine, his world is dull and lacks color. That is, until a new co-worker (Gracie Lee) adds some spark back into his life.

Beginning to see a new splash of color in his life, Park beings to notice the beauty around him on his once boring daily commute, taking a liking to a bridge he walks every day. Inspired, he begins to measure and study its design, and constructs a scale model of the bridge in his home. He even tries new things like going to karaoke with his co-worker, all the while neglecting his wife. After an incident occurs, it shatters whatever was left of a fragile connection between Park and his wife. The beautifully framed cinematography and composition takes us on this visual journey by painting the dullness and coldness at home with Park and his wife in contrast with the vibrancy of his time with his co-worker and his love for the bridge.

The Architect is portrait of a man who finds himself again, and is ultimately a story about love. It’s about a man rediscovering his love for his true passion, as well as a wife’s love and devotion. And a bridge that connects them together.

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Director, Writer, Producer: Alexandre Pulido
Cinematographer: Greg Tango
Composer: Robbie Christian
Featuring: Chuja Seo, Gracie Lee

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