The Dictionary

JULY 16, 2021
USA | 1 minute | 2021

Documentary short film directed by Boson Wang

The Dictionary

Chinese title: 词典

The director’s mother arrived to the US with just two things: $100 dollars and an English dictionary.

The Dictionary, while short, is beautifully emotional story about the bonds and love of sisterhood. Director Boson Wang’s mother arrived in the US from China with very little – just $100 and an English language dictionary that her sister gifted her when she turned 18.

Now, decades later, the sisters reconnect and she’s able to get a chance to say thank you to her ailing sister for buying her that dictionary all those years ago. It’s because of that that she’s able to have a good life.

The voiceover and editing are excellent, allowing Wang to deliver a universal and touching film about family, love, and saying thank you before it’s too late.

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Director: Boson Wang

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