The Dry Salvages

AUGUST 4, 2021
USA | 5 minutes | 2020

Experimental, dance short film directed by Agnes Maska
Starring Madeleine Lee, Chase Yi, Daniel Dasent, Mark Chinnery

The Dry Salvages

An experimental dance film that blurs the grace of reality and explores the sense of connection and disconnection.

The Dry Salvages, based on the T.S. Eliot poem of the same name, is an artistically made experimental dance film that, like the poem, explores humanity and connection. Dreamlike, the film is reminiscent of the artistic style of Wong Kar-wai.

The film balances the use of light and space with dance and poetry interwoven and blended, creating a beautiful visual enigma that is open to interpretation, allowing us to think about its message in relation to our existence. Each person may take away something different from it, and that’s the beauty of an experimental film done right.

Shifting between color and black and white, spoken word and dance, the cinematography, editing, and choice of music all help create for an artistic and philosophical visual experience that leaves you wanting more.

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Director, Producer: Agnes Maska
Choreographer: Madeleine Lee
Cinematographer: Dominik Feller (as Swiss Nick)
Editor: Nick Feller

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