The Era of Bosie

MAY 17, 2022
CHN | 2 minutes | 2021

Experimental short film directed by Angie Su

The Era of Bosie

Pioneering at the unisex fashion trend amongst Gen Z, Bosie, a China-based aspiring brand, rolls out its first-ever fashion campaign celebrating the diversity in gender and sexuality. “The Era of Bosie” resists the stereotypical formulas of traditional commercials. Instead, it harnesses a surrealistic fantasy to sketch an intergalactic journey of exploring self and finding home, where the boundaries of gender disappear eventually. From a perspective of a mysterious traveler, you will be transported to different worlds where you are able to flee from reality and experience the unexpected wonder.

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Director, Writer: Angie Su
Producers: Xu Jia, Mao Mao
Executive Producer: Mika
Cinematographer: Arden Tse
Editor: Erjun Peng
Composer: Norman, Tracks and Fields

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