The Invincible Tiger and Crane

MARCH 28, 2022
CAN | 9 minutes | 2021

Martial arts, action short film directed by Jiachen Peng
Starring Jiachen Peng, Steven Ma

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The Invincible Tiger and Crane

Chinese title: 洪家虎鶴

A look at the possible origins of the martial arts form, The Tiger and Crane Double Form, and the events leading up to its creation.

Stylistically pays homage to the style of old martial arts movies.

Director’s Statement

虎鶴雙形拳 The Tiger and Crane Double Form was said to have been composed and choreographed by the legendary Chinese folk hero and kung fu legend, 黃飛鴻 Wong Fei-Hung. However, what prompted him to do such a thing?

This film is our take on the origins of the form and the events that led to its creation. It is by no means historically accurate, but rather, our own creative interpretation of the story.

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Director, Co-Writer, Cinematographer, Editor: Jiachen Peng
Co-Writer: Ryan Chan
Produced by: Dragon Lords
Featuring music by: Yung-Yu Chen

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